“I believe in a beauty that is pure & simple. A beauty that exists innately, organically; void of earthly distractions.
This kind of beauty is real. It is what is always remembered. My soul yearns to capture it.”

– Rebecca Penny –

As a little girl, I can remember on warm summer evenings, laying belly-up in the pasture among overgrown fields of golden grasses, with horses grazing beside my sister (my best friend, who always will be). I would make wishes for my future; hopes of marriage and motherhood; hopes of being close to God, family and the blessing of good health.

I am blessed. I am married to my best friend and high school sweet heart. I am a mother to the most beautiful, loving, happy little girl & boy. We are so fortunate to be close to family that we love dearly. My cup runneth over.

I am most passionate about genuine, natural & organic moments that showcase the real beauty of life as it is. I strive to create a peaceful atmosphere that culminates focus towards the emotion of intimate moments, the way we all remember them. With the combination of soft, neutral tones, textures and dreamy light, your memories become art in which I am most passionate about.

Rebecca Penny is a Houston newborn photographer also specializing in maternity, families, babies, and children in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.  Rebecca uses natural light and soft settings to create emotion filled images that speak volumes in the simplest of terms.